The Bowfins


Brilliantly funny, and musically brilliant.

If you want a completely live ensemble experience, consider The Bowfins - Adrian Garratt’s trio. The Bowfins can be as ridiculous as Sid on his own, or as well behaved as you wish, with plenty of repertoire to appropriately entertain the most genteel gathering. Weddings (see below), parties, in fact any conceivable function - get in touch to find out what The Bowfins can add to your event...

The Bowfins’ versatility is perfect for the unexpected treat at a function. Recently The Bowfins were seen in John Lewis in High Wycombe, helping the company to celebrate its 150 year anniversary. The Bowfins are fully mobile whilst playing, and  entertained throughout the store, surprising and delighting customers and staff wherever they went.

The Bowfins are very popular at weddings. The ceremony can be accompanied with beautifully played classical music, and afterwards the musical mood lightens as the celebrations get under way. Then during dinner, allow the Bowfins to entertain with their unique cabaret routine around the tables, leaving the guests with a perfectly judged finale before the main event - the speeches!